Minneapolis Moline History

This page will be dedicated to the history of the Minneapolis Moline Power Implement Company.

The basic history of how the Minneapolis Moline Power Implement Co. was formed is listed below. With the help of Ronald L. Baker of Bloomington, MN, I will be bringing you a different angle on the various phases of the company. I hope to have information about the innovations and improvements brought to the tractor industry by Minneapolis Moline.

If you have any unusal or interesting stories that deal with the history of Minneapolis Moline, or if you have any stories from former Minneapolis Moline employees, please share them with me so I can put them here.

I am NOT a historian, so the information presented here is for entertainment purposes only. This page will try to bring a more "light-hearted" view of Minneapolis Moline history.

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Moline Plow Co. Inc. 1870
Flying Dutchman Logo
Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. Est. 1887
Minneapolis Threshing Logo
Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Co. Est. 1902
Twin City Logo
Purchased the Universal Tractor Co. in 1915
Steam Traction Engine in 1888
Twin City Tractors Made in 1908
Changed Name to Moline Implement Co. in the 1920's Tractors Made in 1910 In 1929 Making The Twin City Tractors: 17-28, 21-32, 27-44
Moline, IL Plant
Tillage Tools
Except grain drill
Lake Street Plant
(South MPLS, MN)
Tractor Works
Hopkins, MN Plant
Coporate Headquarters
Power Machinery
Minneapolis Moline Power Implement Co. Officers 1929
J.L. Record (MSM) Chairman Of The Board
W.C. Macfarlane (MSM) President & Administrative Officer
George L. Gillette (MSM) Vice-President Of Sales
Harold B. Dineen (Moline) Vice-President of Production & Design
N.A. Wiff (MSM) Vice-President
W.C. Rich (MSM) Secretary
W.S. Peddle (MSM) Treasurer
Most of the top officers of Minneapolis Steel & Machinery , Minneapolis Threshing Machine, & Moline Implement were content to retire instead of become involved in Minneapolis Moline Power Implement , they prefered that the younger generation take over.

With Minneapolis Moline Power Implement Company, two of the major historical agricultural machine producing cities were represented.

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