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Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Co.

Minneapolis Steel & Machinery in the late 1800's and early 1900's was primarly a structural steel producer; producing thousands of tons a year. This company also produced the Corliss steam engine which served as a power unit for many flour mills in the Dakotas.

In 1908 MSM produced a tractor under the TWIN CITY name. This was the TWIN CITY 40. By World War I, MSM was one of the larger tractor producers. This company was also a contract tractor producer, manufacturing tractors such as the BULL tractor for the Bull Tractor Co. Through the 20's MSM was producing TWIN CITY tractors and used slogans like "Team Of Steel" and "Built To Do The Work". After 1929, this line was still produced in the old MSM Lake Street Plant under the Minneapolis- Moline Twin City tractor banner.

Twin City tractor pulling a planter

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